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Don Cies Real Estate, Inc.

Don Cies Real Estate, Inc.

1203 Brookhaven Blvd.
Norman, OK 73072-3636

Office Phone:
(405) 329-0256

Toll Free:
(800) 634-2199

(405) 360-4199

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Don Cies Real Estate, Inc. isn't the largest agency in town, but we have been around the longest. We believe this counts for something - a hometown agency that has been providing excellent service for more than 50 years.

Brookhaven Office Staff
  • Marilyn Bourlier
  • Laura Cies
  • Jamie Curtis Bebout
  • Dinah Cies
  • Jennifer Cannon
  • Beth Franks

  • Tim McAuliffe 

  • Construction and Support Personnel
  • Randy Peterson
  • Zeke Yarbrough

  • Virtual Tour Photographer
  • Tim McAuliffe