The names "Mary Eve and Linda" have merged to become a unique concept in my mind. These two women provide the best of both worlds in terms of service. Working as a team, they ensure that the client always has access to a realtor, and also that there are two opinions to be heard. When I was looking for housing in 105-degree heat in the summer of 2010, they were inexhaustible, and willingly took me to see a dozen houses or more each day. With endless patience they answered my questions with clear and precise answers. They actually listened to me when I described my budget (past realtors had a tin ear in this regard), and so the hunt was efficient. They're the best!



"They sold my house for my asking price in 2 days and I closed within a month."





Fantastic realtors.  We highly recommend Mary Eve and Linda.  They worked very hard for us as a buyer and as a seller and made it as painless as possible.  We never felt any pressure, they worked around our schedules and most importantly, they were always available.  We have nothing but good things to say about these great realtors.


Pam and Earl