Bob Bauer

Don Cies Real Estate, Inc.
1203 Brookhaven Blvd., Norman, OK 73072-3636

Real estate transactions tend to look like QUANTUM LEAPS in your life's story. For decisions of this magnitude, you can rely on me to be your personal CEO.

A full time Realtor since 1981, Bob came to Norman in 1966 to teach English at OU, and after becoming tenured associate professor in a twelve year period, he decided in 1978 on a business career. Soon thereafter Norman also became his home of choice for practicing residential real estate. Married to Margaret Wathen for the past 48 years, this couple raised Curt and Chris, two sons who are  now also married and pursuing careers of their own in the fields of law and mental health. Bob and Margaret’s prime delight is in their grandchild, Alyssa, who celebrates her first birthday on Thanksgiving Day, 2010.

Bob likes to work with new home buyers, previous customers and clients, church associates, former neighbors, homebuilders and unlisted sellers.  Bob has kept his teaching skills honed with brokers’ license classes from 1998 thru 2008, and looks to future classes as his way of staying on top of license law changes. 

The role of the real estate professional is inherently complex, and his judgment calls on behalf of the customer/client’s interests are critical. In a job where marketing and sales are paramount, Bob tries to abide by the PLATINUM RULE which says “Do unto others as they would like done unto themselves.”  Specifically Bob declares:

My mission is 1) to keep you, the buyer or seller, extremely well informed on real estate values, costs, relative prices and expenses; 2) to monitor your entrusted funds conscientiously, 3) to control your risks and manage their timing,  4) to communicate up-to-the-minute on all matters that pertain to your transaction, 5) to disclose all factors favorable and unfavorable that have a bearing on your purchase or sale, and 6) to sift and condense today’s deluge of information so that you are always making the most informed decisions.