Debra Hubbard

Don Cies Real Estate, Inc.
1203 Brookhaven Blvd., Norman, OK 73072-3636

I serve the fast growing McClain and Cleveland and Oklahoma counties including Norman, Moore, Newcastle and Oklahoma City. I am extremely passionate about pairing homes with families and know firsthand the importance of these relationships. I vow to be there for you every step of the way. I live by the golden rule. Transparency and ethics are not just words, but a way of life!

I understand the joy and excitement associated with moving as well as the anxiety, stress and sadness that may also accompany it, not to mention the financial concerns. My husband has had a career in the Oil and Gas industry which has prompted 18 moves in our married life, 13 of those moves with a family. When I tell you, "I feel your pain", I mean it!

I grew up with three siblings and just recently lost my 101 year old grandmother who just stopped working at 99 years of age. I have three children, the youngest of which just graduated from the University of Oklahoma, but basically I am an empty-nester. I look forward to getting together with family, which now also include my two grandchildren.

I am an "attention to details", nurturing personality with customer service and communication being my pet peeve, so that would contribute to my high marks from previous clients. I would love the opportunity help you invest, sell or buy your next home, whether it be your forever home or just the next step!