For information concerning water and sewer connection and garbage pick-up contact:

City of Norman
201-C West Gray
(405) 366-5320
Deposit $60.00
Hookup Fee $10.00


For information concerning electrical connection, contact:

Oklahoma Gas & Electric
(405) 272-9741
Deposits are a minimum of $75 or 1/6th of annual bill and $20.00 connection charge.


Oklahoma Electric Cooperative
242 24th Ave. N.W.
(405) 321-2024
Deposits are 1/6th annual billing plus $30 or $30 for membership and connection charge with reference from utility company that there is one year history.


For information on natural gas connection, contact:

Oklahoma Natural Gas
625 N. Berry Road
(405) 321-3300
Deposits are 1/6th of annual revenue or $15 per room plus $25 customer connect charge.